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Where To Go Kayaking in Dubai For The Best Views

If you’re wondering where are the best spots to go kayaking in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to kayak around the mountains, or past the iconic Atlantis hotel via Dubai Marina, we’ve got you covered…

Hatta Kayak at Hatta Dam

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The Hatta Kayak trip is one of the most stunning kayaking trips in the country! Each person gets their own kayak to paddle their way around the peaceful Hatta Dam, surrounded by mountains. If you haven’t been yet, umm… what are you waiting for?

Contact: Hatta Kayak, visit their website here.

Cost: AED 60 for as long as you like (single kayak)

Kayaking in Dubai Marina

This one is great for tourists who want to explore Dubai from the waters. SeaYou offers guided tours around the iconic Palm Jumeirah. Starting from Sofitel the Palm, you will paddle past the Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, and you’ll even get to spot the Burj Khalifa.

Contact: SeaYou

Price: AED 230 for 2h 30 mins (single kayak), AED 345 for double kayak

Clear kayaking in Jumeirah

Clear Kayak - Kayaking in Dubai at Dubai Marine
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Hopefully one day all the kayaks in the world will be transparent. But for now, head to Fahrenheit Beachsports at Dubai Marine Resort & Spa to explore the deep blue sea in a clear kayak! It’s a lot more quiet than the crowded tourist areas like Kite Beach, so you’ll be able to paddle around in peace.

Contact: Fahrenheit Beachsports

Kayaking at Eastern Mangroves

This picturesque kayaking trip is in Abu Dhabi, but it’s totally worth the one-hour drive. The UAE is well-known for its large Mangrove forest, which is a natural habitat for many birds and marine life. At Eastern Mangroves, you’ll be able to peacefully kayak through the forest, and you may even spot some little fish!

Contact: Sea Hawk Water Sports, check out the website here.

Price: AED 110 for 3 hours (single kayak), AED 160 for 3 hours (double kayak)

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